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Re: [IP] MiniMed Paradigm - 511

George and Barbara Dupont wrote:
>  Some company spokespeople have been touting the
> advantages of intermittent insulin delivery to mimic the normal biphasic
> insulin release from the pancreas, apparently forgetting that insulin
> delivery from a pump is subcutaneous and can never create a biphasic or
> intermittent effect within the bloodstream. Other sources deny the
> company is trying to increase basal delivery frequency and suggest the
> company is preparing a "once an hour delivery is OK" campaign to offset
> the disadvantage of less frequent delivery.

Thanks for the informative article!It sounds pretty disappointing to me
-- I think I'll stay with my 507c. What will they do for people that
DON'T want the Paradigm -- will they continue to sell 508's?

Anyway, I think they need an education campaign about the less frequent
basal delivery rate -- as the article says, you can't get a biphasic
effect from subcutaneous delivery, so whether the basal comes every 3
minutes or once an hour (which it does on the 507 - 508 series only if
you have a basal of 0.1 -- otherwise it's more frequent).

What's interesting about product design is that sometimes the designers
get so caught up in what THEY think is a good idea, that they fail to
consult end-users at all. It's like the houses built without a broom
closet -- the architects must have been men who never swept or mopped
the floor!!!!

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