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Re: [IP] For parents -- caution -- it's long. :-)


  My son Joshua, already did this to us last Oct when he was still just 8 
y.o.  I did not have a reason to think he was lying about his BGs so I never 
doubted him.  He was doing his numbers by himself and was never allowing 
anyone a school or here at home to look.  And we never thought to think he 
was lying about what they really were.  This was during a tme that he had 
come off the pump for a few months to allow his tummy to heal from   multiple 
site insertions, approx 5 in 7 days average.  And he was not a happy camper, 
even though going off was HIS idea!!!  He was hating all of thepokes, the 
needles, the insulin, EVERYHTING!  Then one weekend he almost ended up in DKA 
with high keytones and really high BGs that would not go away.  At first I 
blames the meter and the company sent out a new one to replace it right away. 
 But when the same thing started to happen, where the memory BGs did NOT 
match his log book I fianlly confronted him.  And with his back towards me 
and his head hanging down on his chest he admitted to lying!!!  He did not 
understand how serious it was until we came so close to going to the 
hospital.  I contacted our endo and he wanted to see Josh right away so we 
had to drive the hour to get to his office and we were lucky because it was a 
slow day and he had ALL morning to spend with us!  He talked with Josh by 
himself, me alone and then both of us.

  Now Josh is doing well and knows that any time any where someone might come 
up and check on him both at home and at school.  So he no longer has as much 
freedon as he did before but he has been back on the pump for the last 4.5 
months, his BGs are great, sites are sticking gREAT, even in the hot tub that 
we recently got, and his latest A1C was down a whole point since going back 
on the pump.

  Josh is also seeing a counselor and actually talking to her about what he 
is feeling: anger, frustration, hate!!!  And this appears to be helping.  He 
still hates site changes but really that is the only time he really has any 
problems any more.  He feels better, he is getting along better at school and 
is having fun!

  So, yes...it can and will happen.  I just need to be wary of what is goiong 
on with Josh at all times to know what is happening.  I think the conseling 
is going to help, and with summer right around the corner he has camp that he 
loves!  So that is GREAT too.

  Sue, I hope thing get better for your daughter.  And yes, you are right, 
these kids need to have their mom and dad there for them NOW because the time 
will come when they will be all grown up and we won't have them around 
anymore and then they will be totally in charge of their care.  So for now I 
do what ever it takes to take care of Josh and his diabetes.  He will have 
the rest of his life to do it for himself!  And I know the time will come 
that he will WANT to do all of these things for himself.  But until then I 
will continue to teach him and show him but will do it for myself!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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