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[IP] Re: For Parents....caution...

<<<<I will continue to help Amy for all long as it
takes to make sure she gets back on the right track 
and stay there. I will continue to love her, and brag
about the amazing things she does in spite of her
diabetes, and I will not ever take for granted that
she could be above the everyday hassle,
discouragement, embarrassment, and anger that can come
with being a child with diabetes.>>>

What a special Mother you are to your daughter.  I
have seen many of us on this list brag about how early
in our lives we shouldered the d.
responsibilities--including me @ age 10.  However, we
rarely say anything about what we failed to get done
or what all we lied about to parents and endos. I'm
guilty of doing exactly what Amy did, except my
parents never really caught on, because it was b4
A1C's.  Nearly every # in my Clinitest log from age
10-14 was a complete fabrication or had been tweaked
one way or another.  Denial of d. was my prime goal in
life through middle school.  Of course, I grew up and
became an intelligent, savvy diabetic--->as we all
are:}  I now know that my parents should NOT have
given me total control of my d. until much later.  It
should have been a gradual thing.  They did what they
were asked to do by ped endo though, and I do not
fault them at all.  I always feel bad when I hear a d.
kid has priveleges yanked for irresponsibility of d. I
hope the restrictions on Amy are able to be lifted
soon.  I understand your concern though and think you
are a compassionate and smart Mom.  Good luck to you
and Amy!!!!!!!!!
Jill-T1x25 yrs. 

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