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Re: [IP] For parents -- caution -- it's long. :-)

Please don't take my comments as cavalier. I know that you and Amy and
everyone else involved are sad and unhappy at the moment and I do truly
sympathize. However, there are 2 points I would like to make.

1.  Amy fell off the wagon. That has happened to all of us long-timers. And
it will probably happen again. The important thing is to try to make sure
that as little damage as possible is done (by this fall and any future
ones). I highly doubt that Amy needs to hear how important it is that her
diabetes be controlled. Just help her get the job done and move on to
something else from there.

2.  I grew up with a lot of  "Here is Pat - look at what a model diabetic he
is." It has only been the past 10-15 years that I realized how much I
disliked that situation. Though it is not at all your intent the effect of
that praise is a positive nag. That - just like any other nagging - can get
old fast.
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