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[IP] to parents: Amy

Wow Sue, 

Thank you so much for your story. My heart breaks for you both. As a parent 
of a soon to be teenager, I know the struggles of independance combined with 
being Diabetic. I appreciate your candor with us too.  Kevin has done some of 
these things that you mentioned but not as long because we had to be more on 
top of him. With Kevins ADHD, he tends to forget easily and it is not always 
on purpose. Because of that, we check up on him a bit more. We told him at 
one time last year to call us only if his bg was over 200 (it was a rough 
basal changing period we went thru) and the rest of the time - just follow 
the chart. Funny enough, his bgs were 198, 197, 199, etc....NOT 200. We had 
him bring home his meter, and DUH, he was just saying that to not call, cuz 
his friends would pick on him! "Calling your Mommy again Kevin?" 

Anyway, it is not an easy job for either parent or child and we just have to 
do the best we can. YOU were one that talked me into a pump for Kevin early 
on, and I have always remembered you and been grateful to you (and 
Camelsrfun). Hang in there. 

Love and hugs,

Mom to Kevin 12 for the last day
dx 12/98, pumping 5/99
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