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Re: [IP] For parents -- caution -- it's long. :-)

Hi all,
  I usually don't post, but thought I would in this case because this story 
really got to me (in a good way I guess!) and I felt compelled to share.  I 
am 21 yrs. old and have had type I since I was 14.  I think that your story 
could have been my own...I was always praised by my endo for such good 
control, etc, and my parents always trusted me with my own diabetes care 
after I told them I could handle it.  Starting my junior year of high 
school, I basically stopped testing.  I would make up numbers to show my 
endo, and somehow my A1cs came back all right...never above a 7.something.  
They weren't great, mind you, but not alarming either.  I could tell if I 
was very high or very low, but that was about it.  Life continued that way 
until last year...so it was a long time and I now worry about how much 
damage I caused!! (Luckily, none has shown up so far!)  I do test on a 
regular basis now, but I needed a lot of support to do so.  Living away from 
home, that support actually came from my college roommate.  She was 
great...she had been getting fed up with me and low blood sugars, and helped 
me to realize that I needed to test regularly and keep up with diet and 
exercise.  I guess I just have to say that parents should be involved in 
their teens diabetes care, and I praise all of you who are. My parents 
tried, but I just pushed them away too much.  I think a lot of teens try to 
do that...it is just that whole rebellious thing!  But without someone 
pushing me, I doubt I would have started on the path to good control again.  

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