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Re: [IP] Back and I need some advice pleeeeease

DON'T PUT LOTION ON A SUN BURN. That will only trap in the heat,
and actually can worsen the condition.

What you need to do is go get this stuff called Aloe relief for sun
burns, maybe not exactly just depends on your area what products
they sell.  It works wonders. I purchased a bottle of it for like
$3.47 at walmart.It has lidocain (or something spelled like that)
which acts like a numbing agent. This will help heal you quicker,
and numb the pain (only some what, but every little bit helps) 
This stuff is so wonderful, aloe helps with the healing and since
we are prone not to heal very rapidly all the more help the better.
 Works great on heat rashes also.

-C Ullom

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