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Re: [IP] For parents -- caution -- it's long. :-)

    It's a good thing I just made a cup of coffee because I have such intense 
chills from reading your post. There but for the grace of G-d could go I, or 
any other parent who battles the diabeastie daily, never knowing at what 
point we do or don't allow our kids to take charge. My heart breaks for you, 
knowing what a dedicated, proactive mom you've been on Amy's behalf since we 
all met in the Parents Chat close to 4 years ago...but your summation of how 
Amy feels NOW is all that matters. My heart also breaks for Amy & all the 
"Amys" like her who carry this unfair burden life has handed them. I'm going 
to forward your post to Melissa & hope that she'll be moved to respond to you 
and Amy. I worry about Melissa because she too has been a "poster child" for 
responsible diabetes self-care & just as a non-D dieter can't perpetuate 
adherence 24/7, I know that her "rebellion" is inevitable. I just pray that 
I'll be as wise & insightful as you are being in nurturing Amy & guiding her 
back to where she was, should that day arise.
   If I were there in person, I'd give you a GIANT hug for sharing your story 
so candidly with us. Since I can't, on behalf of all of us parents who share 
your pain, here are lots of cyber {{{{{HUGS}}}}}. 
best regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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