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Re: [IP] bolus for a low blood sugar

This is definitely a YMMV thing.  If I were to bolus for a hypo I would
bounce like a rubber ball.  I am also "brittle" (although I hate that term).
After a hypo I am pretty lenient about where my BG's go.  I let them go a
little higher than usual to avoid a later hypo.  The ONLY time I would even
bolus when I was low is if I over treated the low.  And then I wouldn't
bolus right away and would only give enough to cover the extra food.  I have
found that I bounce way too easily to do this very often.  I have also found
that i need to be gentle in bringing highs down.  If I go too far too fast
I'll go hypo.  Instead I have to come down slowly but surely.  I have to be
very conscientious about this because when I am high i want those sugars
ddown NOW!  but if I stick to a strict sliding scale I do much better.  My
control isn't where I want it but it is much better than MDI.

>If you bolus when hypo,doesn't it become a roller
> coaster. low hi low?.I always chased high numbers and
> ended up dropping low. I've alwys been brittle and so
> far pump isn't helping my control much. I did buy
> pumping insulin book and hope it is as good as eveyone
> has said it is. Right now I am really frustrated
> because I feel so lousy. Linda
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