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Re: [IP] Caffeine & Blood Sugar Increase?

> >Geneece,
> >The caffine in coffee triggers your body to release
> >adrenalin, which causes
> >your BG to go up.

I missed the beginning of this thread, so this may have already been
noted...do you put creamer or anything in?  I drink regular in the mornings
& at times decaf with dinner or in the evening - for my usual "coffee fix"
(2 hefty cups), I use the same bolus (for me, four units due to the flavored
creamers) with the same results - so it seems like here, the caffeine isn't
a factor that really affects my bg level.

Also, I don't bolus at all for pop - & sometimes I'm drinking caffinated,
other times not.  Am I just odd, not being affected (as far as numbers go,
at least :o)  ) by the caffeine?

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