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Re: [IP] Fwd: Re: Social Security Disability

Julie, I certainly can feel your pain... well, at least some of it. I too 
have type 1, I've had it for almost 20 years now, I have neuropathy,(In all 4 
extremities) retinopathy (which makes me unable to drive), nephropathy, 
gastroparesis, and geez, I know there's more but I also have a bad memory!! 
LOL  I applied for SS disability a few months ago. This is my 2nd try. The 
first time they said that I was still able to work a desk job.  Not now!! I 
can barely see things. The only reason I can write on the computer is because 
it's lit up. Other than that, if it's a piece of paper, forget it... I can't 
really see it. So now with this try, it's taken  quite a while, but I'm being 
optimistic this time!! They're writing to ALL my docs to see what's going on 
and my new opthamologist said he'll write a good report! I'll let you all 
know what happens in the end.
I wish you good luck if you do decide to try... I was told that 75% of the 
time they turn you  down on your first try. I don't know why but if you have 
good documenation from your doctors, you may be able to get it then.
Love to all,

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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