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Re: [IP] Fwd: Re: Social Security Disability

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  has anyone out there been ab
> le to get SS disability with similar or less ailments or conditions?  I
need some encouragement because i hurt so badly every day.
> thanks
> Julie Pea
Julie,  Sorry to hear of the problems. But don't count on the SS system. In
"97" I had a stroke that left me with 60% of my site and an even shorter
memory. When they found that, they also found that I have advanced dilated
cardiomyopathy (sp) What ever it's working at 25% of what ever.Also the
diabetes, type 1 - 20 years, it doesn't due my circulation any good and
aggravates the neuropathy in both legs. I can't sit still and don't have
enough energy to move either.
  I applied with the support of 4 heart doc's, 3 ophthalmologist, 2 general
MD's, 2 psych, 1 state employment, 1 fed employment, and 1 social security
vocation specialist. After 2 years, two hearings a ton of paper work and an
attorney, nothing. Now it has been up for appeal 21 months and still no
dissection. Thank God, for my wife and family.
  In short it's a loooooong road and no certain end. But then anything is

Best to you and yours with hope of a better future.
Dan B.
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