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Re: [IP] bolus for a low blood sugar


  I am sorry that you are still not doing well.  You really need to work on 
your basal settings and the best way to do that is to do the fasting BG 
testing as described in the book.  It is  hopeful that if you can get your 
basals set you wil start to even out a bit more and not have to chase those 
numbers around.  We sure had to do this with Josh until I finally read more 
about the basals and got his Dawn Phenomenon under control.  Once I got that 
under control it seems like the rest was easily managed without those 
horrible ups and downs.  I too was ready to quit on the pump WAAAY before we 
gave it time and way before I managed to read P.I.  I am sorry to say that it 
took me over 6 months before I got to reading it.  Pure laziness I'm afraid!! 
 Anyway, we are now VERY pleased with how things are going and after a whole 
year ++ Josh's A1C fianlly has come down...a WHOLE point!!!  So it really is 
worth it.

  Keep asking the questions and let us help you Linda, and DON'T give up.  
Not Yey!!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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