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[IP] RE: bolus for a low BG

>>whether it is just my liver releasing loads of glucagon
(which is merely
polymerized glucose--also called starch) <<

I think  Nick meant to say "glycogen", which is broken down
to glucose in the liver. If there is too much circulating
insulin your system, the insulin prevents the conversion of
glycogen to glucose, as insulin is a "storage" hormone.
Glucagon is made in the alpha cells of the pancreas. Many
people with Type 1 also have alpha cell  (glucagon)
deficiency. (YMMV)

When glucagon is released from the stimulation of a low BG,
adrenalin, growth hormone, cortisol are also stimulated for
release. This is a normal stress response for the
"emergency" of the low. These hormones will also raise the
BG. If your treatment of a low BG is an overtreatment, you
will note the rebounding BG to have been influenced by all
of these hormones + the food.  If you have frequent low BGs,
the glycogen storage may be depleted, making it more
difficult to raise the BG.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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