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Re: [IP] bolus for a low blood sugar

--- "Nick Trubov, Lorree, U.P., & Corbin"
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Sylvia asked earlier this week:
> >>	does anyone bolus when their blood sugar is low? 
> do you bolus for what you 
> eat?  my blood sugar was 26 and i ate 1 strawberry
> cheese cake snack bar.  
> it has 21 carbs in it 15g of sugar.  two hours later
> i was at 345. i have 
> been on the pump of two weeks and still learning.	<<
> Sylvia,
> I see that you have gotten quite a few responses to
> your question from last
> Wednesday.
> I have been negligent in answering because I have
> been playing too much and
> working too little. 
> I found out years ago that if I did NOT give myself
> between three and five units
> of regular insulin when I found my sugar to be below
> fifty it would soon be
> above two hundred and fifty. Actually the numbers
> are just guesses, but the
> general tendency is real. If I am hypoglycemic (for
> me that is a sugar between
> fifty to as low as fifteen) I will rebound with a
> vengeance and the sooner there
> is insulin circulating the lower the rebound will
> be. I don't know whether I
> have insulin antibodies that "eat" the circulating
> insulin when my sugar is low
> or whether it is just my liver releasing loads of
> glucagon (which is merely
> polymerized glucose--also called starch) but I now
> ALWAYS give myself about five
> units of insulin (regular or lispro) when I am
> hypoglycemic. In addition I will
> often bolus again in an hour to cover whatever
> "extra" food I ate to "treat" the
> low blood sugar.
> What many people fail to realize, both those of us
> who ARE diabetics and those
> who treat us and live with us, is that we have TWO
> very different metabolic
> abnormalities going on in our bodies at all times.
> One, the blood sugar swings,
> is pretty well realized. The other is our
> circulating INSULIN level. In my case
> I have absolutely NO endogenous insulin (I produce
> NO insulin in my own body) so
> I can easily find myself without circulating insulin
> half an hour before my
> blood sugar starts going up. If I do not treat this
> hypoinsulinemia I will pay
> exorbitantly for a couple of hours after my cells
> start starving to death. Serum
> potassium starts to raise rapidly, cell respiration
> declines precipitously and
> in general I just feel like crap. I think that this
> is what people may
> experience when they become ketoacidotic. So
> whenever I "feel" my serum insulin
> level falling I take a bunch of insulin. The trick,
> of course, is learning to
> recognize the symptoms of low INSULIN levels which
> are not necessarily the
> symptoms of a high blood SUGAR. I may be an
> extraterrestrial and it may be that
> no other individuals have this abnormal condition,
> but I rather suspect that is
> not the case.
> Nick Trubov
> email @ redacted
> Fort Smith, Arkansas
you bolus when hypo,doesn't it become a roller
coaster. low hi low?.I always chased high numbers and
ended up dropping low. I've alwys been brittle and so
far pump isn't helping my control much. I did buy
pumping insulin book and hope it is as good as eveyone
has said it is. Right now I am really frustrated
because I feel so lousy. Linda  
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