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[IP] Re: Spreading the word about pumps

Sylvia and Michael,
     You are both so right!!  Sylvia, I just get furious that no 
paediatrician in my town will prescribe a pump for kids, though I do 
understand that they may feel they need an endo to supervise.  
    However, Claire's Paed has seen her since he attended her birth, and due 
to a congenital defect he had to see her a lot of times, and he knows us 
well.  In January he refused to sign a note for me for my insurance carrier 
stating that she had Type 1 diabetes and an HA1c greater than 7.  That is all 
my insurance required to pre-approve a pump, and he refused!!  I wasn't 
asking him to advocate its use.   I'm not sure if he followed through and 
send the referral to the new pro-pump endo I found out about thanks to the 
Minimed rep, because I went ahead and booked an appointment with them myself. 
 The lovely nurse said that if he refused to refer Claire, she would see us 
anyway.   In Canada some rules about referrals are very strict, as the gov't 
is paying.... 
    And yes, everybody, please list your doctor if she/he are good and 
pro-pump.  We were living in the UK, Northern Ireland, and I realized that 
Claire desperately needed something to improve her chance of a life in 20 
years time.  I read all about pumps on the CWD site and on IP.  So we moved 
our family back to Canada. However, there was only one paediatric endo listed 
for the province of Ontario on the IP site.  If I had known about the other 
ones (again, I am grateful to Deidre of Minimed for supplying all the names 
and details about their practices) it would have saved me a lot of stress and 
time.  I tell everyone who asks about her diabetes that I am trying to get 
her on a pump.  Figure that the more people who know about them, the better.

Barbara Mum of Claire 6, hoping to be pumping soon.   
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