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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics: Dm camps

Out here in Western Washington we have been very involved in a local camp for 
younger kids; 5-14.  PANTHER DAY CAMP.  Yes, it is during the day only, lasts 
a whole week and it is THE BEST!!!  I drive the van for our area and puck up 
about 12 kids and drive an hour to get to the camp and home again.  This year 
we are anticipating my husband having to drive a second van from this area 
too!  This place is crawling with MDs, RNs, PRNs,,most counselors are either 
parents of or DMers themselves.  And YES, because of the increase usage of 
pumps for kids in this age group they are learning about and working with 
pumpers, starting last year!  This was the place where my son, Joshua, had 
his first taste of being around other kids with diabetes.  It was the first 
time he had to stand in line to check his BGs atleast 3 times each day.  It 
was here that he learned how to give himself his first shot, by himself, at 
the age of 7.  It was at this camp that he first started to learn to 
recognize when he was feeling low or high.  The kids go through daily 1 hour 
sessions on diabetes care.  IT was at this camp that we saw our first pump 
demonstrated and learned about it and was able to talk to an adult counselor 
who was on the pump.  Less than 5 months later and Josh was ON the pump!!!  
Shoot, it was at this camp that I first learned about Humalog and went back 
and told our endo about it and got Josh started on it instead of regular, 
knowing that it was also used in the pump.

  I look forward to my week in camp as a driver and counselor.  IT is a BLAST 
for all who go there and a great place for a newly diagnosed child to learn 
that s/he is NOT alone!!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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