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Re: [IP] re: praise to parents; counselors for kids

My son Joshua, who is nine and in the third grade, once again lucked out in 
this area.  His endo and I have been worried about him not handling his 
diabetes very well mentally.  So I was looking into getting him a counselor.  
And you are right, trying to find one that has a clue is hard!  Well, his 
school actually has a full-time counselor (weird because they don't have a 
full time RN!!!) and she is GREAT!  I got to meet her the other day and Josh 
LOVES her.  She is VERY familiar with working with other kids who have 
critical care needs and Josh his her first one with diabetes.  So she is 
getting books and Josh is teaching her, even about the pump.  And what really 
surprised and pleased me the other day at our meeting was that she told me 
that Josh has REALLY let it all out so far!!  I mean the anger, the 
frustration, the physical pain of having to be poked all the time, the 
feelings of being different from everyone else he knows!!!  I was AMAZED to 
say the least!  But SOOO happy that he had someone somewhere that he felt 
comfortable enough to go to and talk!!!  So check with your child's school 
and see what they have.  What is also nice is that going to her is FREE.  She 
is on the school's payroll.

   And, because of this need I have decided to go back to school to get my 
Masters in clinical psychology (I have a BS in Developmental Psych now) and 
not only hope to work in this are but to use this masters to get my CDE also! 
 Wish me luck because school was a long time ago!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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