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Re: [IP] site problem?


  My son, Joshua, who is nine, is using the micros also.  We started out with 
the Tenders (same as sils) but were not having a good time with insertion or 
BG results.  Since switching to the micros with the isertion device, we have 
been having GREAT results.  We also tried the ultimates but found that they 
were probably too long for Josh.  He, too, is VERY skinny.  You want to be 
able to 'pinch an inch' wherever you are putting the site in.  We started out 
just using the tummy area, around the belly button, but I knew we needed to 
give this area a rest.  So I finally convinced Josh to let me use the top 
part of his hiney.  You would not believe how much easier it was on Josh and 
how much better the BG results!!!  This is the only place where Josh has any 
excess fatty tissue and I think, for him, that it really makes a BIG 
difference.  If the canula is too close to muscle and there is a lot of 
flexion in that muscle, it can actually push the canula out or pinch it up.

  As far as the crystalizing, we had this happen at the end of a week once 
but it was right up by the hub next to the pump.  But it only happened once.  
I've read on this list where others have had this problem.

mom to Joshua
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