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  It soulnds like you really need to back off of her basal starting by 0.1 
per hour starting at 3AM.  Have you read Pumping Insulin by John Walsh yet?  
He does a really good job of walking people through basal rate settings and 
boluses.  Don't forget that it takes between 90-180 MINUTES before a basal 
rate change will start to show up in the BGs.  So if your daughter is fine at 
2:30-3:00 but goes really low in the early AMs then back off of her basal 
rate starting at 3AM by only 0.1 per hour until atleast 7AM then go to 
whatever you are using then.  My son Joshua is the opposite.  He has Dawn 
Phenonenom really bad so he has his highest rates from 4-7AM then drops down 
to his daytime rate.  That is the beauty of the pump isn't it?  Having the 
ability to adjust it for each hour to work NATURALLY with the body's rythem 
of things???!!!  I LOVE it!!!!  Write again and let us know how this small 
change helped your daughter.  And write to me off list too if you want to 

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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