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Hi Its me again
I want to personally thank each person for sharing and telling their
stories each day. My daughter Patricia is now 11 and been diabetic since
age 2. She has always been brittle.She also has celiac disease and
massive learning disabilities but shines like noon day sun. She is 5ft 2
, weighs just under 100 lbs and has been in puberty for some time. We
have seen all kinds of doctors and she gets echos and other heart tests
every 4 years for her heart as her birth family have a serious cardio
mythopy problem and many have died from it before they knew they had it.

She started pumping Feb 28 and has never looked back. We have the
Disetronic pump H tron and love it. She has been swimming with it and in
the shower with it. She had bad sugar control at first but we are seeing
much better swings now. She has had bad sites from doing needles, and a
bleeder but now works it like a pro.

I consider it a privilege to fight for what's best for my child.I see
all the other problems of diabetes with my Hubby's family and right now
we are the main caregivers for b-in-law who will have open heart surgery
on this Monday and does home dialysis 3 /12 years so far. We know the
complications and problems that go with it but we also know taking good
care can prevent alot too.

Because of you all here, my daughter is now pumping. We both pumped
saline for a week and now she is soaring high like an eagle and showing
everyone how it works. She is helping with a training session in April
at the local hospital and I am hoping to convince the Diabetic Team to
maybe do an educational learning session on the pumps as it can be done
free at our local cable office.Some doctors are now taking training so
Darrin Parker..hats off to you as there will be someone in the Valley
trained as they are setting up a Pumping Unit at the Valley REGIONAL
HOSPITAL in ASpril....There is life after dm..WE LOVE PUMPING!!!

TIL NEXT TIME...~~~~Mom Jana and Patricia with her Cool Blue pump
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