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[IP] re: praise to parents

In a message dated 3/10/01 12:10:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Kim,
> Thank you. I can tell you from experience that even the doctors in the 
> emergency room and the main hospital are virtually clueless when it comes 
> to 
> this disease in children. All I hear is that she needs to eat better and 
> take 
> her shots. Even though she does do both, she still goes into DKA. In fact 
> now 
> its like a cycle and her body knows no different, then to be ill all the 
> time. We are looking into a psychologist to work with her. Our Endo 
> believes 
> that even though you cannot will yourself to be ill, that you can 
> subconsciously do it. Natalee's body and mind thinks that it is normal to 
> be 
> ill and so it continues. I have argued the point that they have clinic for 
> drug and alcohol problems but no clinics to send these kids to where they 
> can 
> be monitored and to be made to feel well so they can see what difference it 
> makes. So far I have kept her out of the hospital these last few days but 
> I, 
> myself, can see it coming in the way she looks, the way she breathes and 
> the 
> ketones in her urine. We are so used to the high blood sugars that they 
> tend 
> to not alarm me as much. Though I know they are of concern, I can counter 
> act 
> them when needed. Natalee got diabetes as she was starting puberty, so I 
> wish 
> you luck as to not having to deal with all of these matters. 
> Crystal

  Believe me I know how clueless doctors & nurses can be in the emergency 
room.  We went through our own little hell when Ashley was in a coma.  If you 
are interested in reading her story  <A HREF="http://www.elviradarknight.com/diabetes/index.html">Discussing Ashley's Diabetes</A> .  For the 
most part there are great Doctors & Nurses out there but, certainly not all.  
  Luckily Ashley was young when she became a diabetic. I say luckily because 
I think it easier for a diabetic if they can't really remember what it was 
like before.  Besides that you can really train a younger child on how to eat 
& it becomes part of their life.  I have seen several newly diagnosed 
teenagers & the problems they face.  It just seems so much harder for them & 
their parents.  I do know we will probably face alot of problems when Ashley 
becomes a teenager because it is just hard enough being a teenager but, 
probably so much harder to be a teenager with diabetes.  
  I also wanted to tell you that  I have a diabetes website with diet 
exchanges for anyone who is interested at  <A HREF="http://www.elviradarknight.com/diabetes/info.html">Ashley's Diabetes Information</A> .  I 
should tell you I am a web designer so I am designing sites for everything 
all the time.  But, the best sites I have made are the diabetes sites.  
  Don't we have councelors for young diabetics?  It seems like their should 
be.  Especially as hard as it is on a newly diagnosed person & their family.
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