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Re: [IP] recent diabetic

> Wondering if those who are pumping have been
> diabetic for a long time. OK, 
> long time is relative, but I was diagnosed just last
> July and I think my 
> hold up is that I just went through all the crap you
> go through when you 
> first find out and I'm afraid to go through some of
> that again after getting 
> the pump.  So I guess my hold up is being afraid of
> the psychological 
> aspects.
Michelle,I was dx'd in December 1998 and I'm soon
going on the pump...I was totally unreceptive to the
idea for about 9 months,but by then I was a little
more receptive to the idea.(Since I'd gotten some
experience with how impossible diabetes really is)In
July 1999,I decided,Hey,that doesn't sound so bad,
maybe I'll consider it in a couple of years.It takes
some time to get used to the idea of being a
diabetic,some people more then others.The more
diabetes see-sawed my life(as I strove for good
control and got nowhere) the more desperate I was too
try something else.What other choice do you
have?Control isn't really an option,its something you
have to do.People get control with different
approaches,but the pump is one of the best ways.So
here,in March 2001(or April,sometime soon)I am gonna
start...I still struggle sometimes with hating
everything remotely diabetes-connected,but I still
mostly do it.Some reason I don't feel that way about
my new pump,though,at least not yet.There will
probably be frustrations will it,but they won't be as
bad as shots are.
> What are the psychological aspects of going on the
> pump? Did going on the 
> pump bring back any emotions you had when first
> diagnosed? Are there any 
> "new" diabetics who are on the pump and how was your
> experience? I guess I'm 
> wondering if one has to be ready to make the leap to
> the pump and maybe it's 
> better if the day-to-day aspects become routine
> first?  Do they become 
> routine?  I still hate all the crap that we have to
> do, I still do it, but I 
> hate it.
Routine?Not in my 2.25 years as a diabetic.If there
was a cure right now,I would dump and forget it all
easily.Someone who's had it 30 yrs,though,it'd be alot
harder to forget.As for going on the
pump-psychological thoughts-I've got to admit that the
thought of inserting the first set feels like doing
that first shot.Fear of doing something
life-changingly new is always going to feel like
that,but you can adjust and learn.How many folks swear
up and down,"I could never do all that diabetes
stuff!" and when they get diabetes,do learn to do
it.It may take time,but it is doable.If I waited till
it all became "routine" it'd probably be a
decade..being responsible is much different then being
comfortable with the procedures.Of course,you need to
know what your doing,when your doing it.If you think
you are ready for the pump,go for it.Everything may
take awhile to get routine,but the people on this list
will help with any probs you may have.
   Heidi and Code Blue(soon be handling any emergency
coming our way!)

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