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[IP] Spreading the word about pumps

>   How can we DMer and parents/family members of DMer get the word
>   out that 
> pumping is the latest and BEST wa y to deal with diabetes and that
> it should NOT be looked upon as a 'luxuery' to go on the pump, any
> more than taking shots would be considered a luxuery. 

One of the ways is by participating in THIS FORUM. When new people 
come to the list with tales of woe about not being able to get a 
pump. We tell them exactly what needs to be done to find a doctor, 
fight an insurance company, solve problems, etc.....

There are other ways, but empowerment with this knowledge certainly 
goes a long way towards getting the job done, one case at a time.
Needless to say, it can't get done with out the help of the thousands 
of forum participants who have collectively learned about every 
roadblock put in the way and every dirty trick played by and 
insurance company to deny coverage or school to deny a diabetic child 
good treatment and a proper education. It is the collective wisdom 
that no single person could have that will move pump therapy into the 
main stream. It is not just happening in the US either. In other 
countries where IP has a forum the same things are happening. 
Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia -- all are slowly moving in 
the same direction. One by one, as we educate each new member who in 
turn educates a reluctant physician or a recalcitrant insurance 
company, pump therapy will spread and become the norm.

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