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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics

> > Another more palatable option is to send her to diabetes camp 
> > sponsored by the ADA or JDF in your area. It's more fun and they do 
> > learn a lot about how to take care of themselves.
> > g
> Yes this is probably a better option.  But, I have to tell you the
> idea makes my head hurt!!!  LOL  I have to let my baby go with total
> strangers.  Now this to me is scary with a normal healthy child!!! 
> But, now I am thinking I have to let someone else be responsible for
> my baby who has diabetes.

Diabetes camp is staffed with docs, nurses, and most if not all of 
the counselors are diabetic older teens or 20's young people who have 
all "been there and done that". Can't say as I recommend it for 
pumpers unless the program is geared that way, but for kids on MDI, 
it is great. The program is usually set up so everyone is on the same 
schedule, checked, etc....

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