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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics

Thank you. I can tell you from experience that even the doctors in the 
emergency room and the main hospital are virtually clueless when it comes to 
this disease in children. All I hear is that she needs to eat better and take 
her shots. Even though she does do both, she still goes into DKA. In fact now 
its like a cycle and her body knows no different, then to be ill all the 
time. We are looking into a psychologist to work with her. Our Endo believes 
that even though you cannot will yourself to be ill, that you can 
subconsciously do it. Natalee's body and mind thinks that it is normal to be 
ill and so it continues. I have argued the point that they have clinic for 
drug and alcohol problems but no clinics to send these kids to where they can 
be monitored and to be made to feel well so they can see what difference it 
makes. So far I have kept her out of the hospital these last few days but I, 
myself, can see it coming in the way she looks, the way she breathes and the 
ketones in her urine. We are so used to the high blood sugars that they tend 
to not alarm me as much. Though I know they are of concern, I can counter act 
them when needed. Natalee got diabetes as she was starting puberty, so I wish 
you luck as to not having to deal with all of these matters. 
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