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Re: [IP] feeling kind of alone

I have to concurr with stories such as these. Human beings, reps or not can
be a bit inconsiderate.
My D reps (Yes, four, the Rep, CCM, Western territory manager and clinical
Services) are always in touch with me, seven years into pumping. I have
their home numbers, they've come to a few of my local gigs to see me play
and we know each other's dogs, no less.

Sometimes they do get very busy and for a few months contact is scarse, but
if I have an actual PROBLEM, they are BOOM right there.

Social and fiddly things, they have on the back burner, especially with the
launch of the D-TRON and such.

Jenny Sutherland
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> Hi,
> I know exactly how Moira M. feels!  I have been on the Mini-med 507 for 3
> years.  Before I went on it, the company rep. was calling me night and day
> and sending me all kinds of literature and tapes.  From the moment I had
> pump in my possession to the present, I have not heard a peep from them.
> would have thought they would want to follow up, if for no other reason,
> for research reasons.  Maybe we who are out here in the trenches would
> some good ideas for them, and ways they might improve their product.  I
> even got a follow-up questionaire or survey.
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