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[IP] feeling kind of alone

In a message dated 3/10/01 11:48:46 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< [IP] feeling kind of alone >
I have had such a good experience with Animas.  I just called them this 
morning (Saturday) with a question and got a CDE who had been out to my house 
and remembered my daughter.  She was very helpful and promised me she'd look 
into it further on Monday if I was comfortable waiting until then, which I 
was.  I know from experience that I will hear from them Monday.  She said 
she'd also call the district rep and let him know that I'd had a concern and 
I know I'll hear from him also.
Our rep, Scott, has come out to the house to help my daughter trouble shoot 
site problems.  He has been willing to talk with her when I mentioned being 
worried about her not adequately covering snacks.
I have yet to deal with anyone from that company that was not competent, kind 
and really responsive to any concerns we've had, even stuff that's DM related 
but really not related to the pump.
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