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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics


  I am glad that you took Natalee away from Children's.  How absurd that they 
would want to wait until she was stable to ut her on the pump when the pump 
could very well be the things that stabilizes her.  I'm sorry folks but 
sometimes I wonder which bubble gum machine some of these medical 
professionals got their licenses to practice from!!!!

  How can we DMer and parents/family members of DMer get the word out that 
pumping is the latest and BEST wa y to deal with diabetes and that it should 
NOT be looked upon as a 'luxuery' to go on the pump, any more than taking 
shots would be considered a luxuery.  It is just different than shots!!!  I 
get SOOOO frustrated reading these stories of these, what appear to be, total 
IDIOTS whose lives are in some of these peoples hands!!  Where do they get 
off thinking that they really have the say in how a parent is going to handle 
their child's life!!!??  We need to get the word out!!  Any suggestions on 
exactly what can be done.  I'm actually thinking about contacting our local 
media forums; newspapers and news stations, and equesting an interview to 
explain what the heck an insulin pump is and why it should not be looked upon 
as a luxury item and with held by some of these IGNORANT doctors!!!!

Sorry folks but these latest about Natalee's care really set me off!!  
Crystal, you could join me you know, contact our local news statons in 
Seattle and your local newspaper.  Let me know.  I'm really srious about 
this.  Something has to be done!!

mom of Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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