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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics

In a message dated 3/9/01 7:47:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Kim,
> Natalee is 13, and yes we have been to many education classes. I hope that
> each one that we attend makes progress. But I do think that one of Natalee's
> major problem is that she is so sick all the time and has not gotten better,
> only worse in the 4 years she has dealt with it. In fact she is in DKA
> tonight and I have a strong feeling that we will be going back to the
> hospital before the night is over. Her big wish is that she gets the pump. 
> We
> were going to the endo's at Children's Hospital and they told her that under
> no circumstances would they give her the pump while she is so unstable. So
> after 3 years of hearing that her unstableness is all our fault, I took her
> away from Children's and have found another Endo who is willing to allow
> Natalee to try the pump. I am hoping that this is what it is going to take 
> to
> get her on her way to leading a normal life.
> Crystal
> Mother of Natalee, 13, still waiting for her pump

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Crystal}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}  You are going through so 
much!!!  I hope you will the pump for Natalee because it sounds like that is 
just what she will need.  Being sick all of the time has just gotta be the 
worse thing for a teenage girl!!  So far we have been so lucky because Ashley 
is relatively healthy for a diabetic.  We have not been back to the emergency 
room since when she was diagnosed 5 years ago.(knock on wood).  But, I also 
keep very tight control on her & so far no major rebelling.  I know that once 
she hits puberty I may be in trouble.  So I just keep drumming into her now 
how important it is & am also trying to keep our relationship as close as 
possible.  Hopefully this will help me in a few years.  I think it would 
probably be even better if I got her on the pump before puberty too.  
Especially after being on this list & hearing about all the pumpers here!!!  
You are a very strong & good parent Crystal.  Good luck with getting on the 
pump & getting your daughter healthy!!!
Big hugs
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