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Re: [IP] Problems wearing pump

> I have the D-Tron and use a belt clip.  The problem is the clip comes off
> belt everytime I sit down.  I am constantly reaching down and pushing the
> clip back onto my belt so it doesn't fall off.
> It is something I have to constantly be aware of  so my pump doesn't
> damaged from the fall.
> The clip is new, it is not sprung, it is just that the design is such that
> the bottom of it is open when clipped "on" and it will come off if pushed
> up, which happens anytime I sit down.


I had the same problem with the leather belt clip that came with my H-tron -
I couldn't trust it not to come off unless I stood upright & sat very
carefully all the time.  (NOT the way life goes when you are teaching
elementary school & tying a thousand shoes a day!!)

My D rep sent me a swivel clip case, & I love it!!  It clamps on like it
really means it, & gives you the option of wearing your pump held securely
in whatever position you choose.  I would think they would make something
similar for the H-tron...if they don't, they should!  (Are you listening,
Disetronic?  :o)  )  This case has become what I use pretty much all the
time (note to self - need to get a spare, just in case...), & I am really
happy with its security through a lot of activity.  Also, I have (don't use
them much, because my wardrobe varies a lot) two belt cases from Unique
Accessories called "The Belter"...they don't clip, you run your belt through
them instead, & they stay put very well.  Also, you can wear a pump
horizontally or vertically with these.  I don't know how they work
specifically with the H-tron, but I know they come with instructions that
tell you the placement differences for using them with MiniMed or
Disetronic, so their products are designed for more than one kind of pump

Hope you find something that works for you...that can make a huge difference
in dealing with the little day-to-day details!

Best of Luck,
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