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Re: [IP] feeling kind of alone


I guess I am just lucky but I have always been satisfied with my Minimed rep. 
 I rarely call him but when I do I get excellent help from Mike and from 
Kathy his assistant.  They sent me a box of short QR. sets when they came out 
last summer.  Twice I have upgraded my pump, From a 504 to a 506 and then 
from the 506 to a 507c.  The first upgrade he came to my house to walk me 
through the steps, the second time he met me at the doctor's office and I had 
an appointment with the RN, CDE and him.  Several years back when I had a 
problem with my insurance company not reimbursing me for supplies he helped 
make the arrangements with the head office to return them for full refund 
even though after all the hassles with the insurance company more than six 
months had expired.

Last time I saw Mike was at my doctor's office.  I was there for a visit and 
he was there to drop off supplies to my doctor.  I kidded him and asked him 
if he had any "freebies".  He left, went to his car and came back with an 
apology and the cutest little stuffed moose.  He has a Minimed T-shirt on and 
has a pump (like a flat patch) sewed to his belly.  I love it!  Told Mike 
that although I am 42 he realized that I am a kid at heart.

I think Mike does a great job for me and the St. Louis territory.

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