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[IP] feeling kind of alone


I know exactly how Moira M. feels!  I have been on the Mini-med 507 for 3 
years.  Before I went on it, the company rep. was calling me night and day 
and sending me all kinds of literature and tapes.  From the moment I had the 
pump in my possession to the present, I have not heard a peep from them.  I 
would have thought they would want to follow up, if for no other reason, than 
for research reasons.  Maybe we who are out here in the trenches would have 
some good ideas for them, and ways they might improve their product.  I never 
even got a follow-up questionaire or survey.  

Thank goodness I have a fantastic endocrinologistt who is always available to 
answer questions and come to my aid when I'm in trouble, because the pump 
manufacturer sure isn't.  

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