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Re: [IP] Periph Neuropathy in Arms and Not Legs...anybody?

*Just a quick note...after I wrote this I thought...Geez, do you always have 
to tell such long stories?? But then I remembered...my sister calls me the 
NEVER ENDING STORY!! So, just to let you know, if you see my name on an 
email...chances are, it's kinda long!! :o)~ Sorry, I'll try to cut them down. 

    Let's hear it for Neurontin!!!!!!!!! I take it every day and quite a bit 
too... 1200 mg, however, I've heard of people taking more. Now, even though I 
take that, I still have to take pain killers!!! :o(
     When I was first diagnosed with the neuropathy, my doctor had to 
hospitalize me because they didn't know exactly what was wrong. You see, I 
had only had diabetes for 6 years at that point and was only 17 years old, so 
NO ONE thought of that. Anyhow, to make a very long story short, while I was 
in the hospital, I met another diabetic, a nice gentleman in his mid 50's, he 
was there for diabetic reeducation and was telling me about the neuropathy he 
had in his hands.(Only) So, we were trading stories about how the neuropathy 
was affecting us. He in his hands and me in my legs. We both weren't sure 
where, if we had to pick, would rather have it more?! In your hands where you 
use them all the time, even when you're sitting down, or in your legs where 
it messes up the way you walk or even threatens to not allow you to walk at 
all if it gets bad enough. Neither of us could answer that. 
It's not easy being diabetic, as everyone knows, having to practically be 
doctors ourselves half the time and doing all the shots or doing all the 
things you need to do with the pump... (Can you tell I'm not a pump user 
yet... I don't know the lingo) , eating the right foods, checking blood 
sugars, trying to keep our sugars at a level where we can keep these 
complications at bay, but what makes it worse for us all is that we have to 
put up with everyone around us saying things to you about what you eat (Like 
my Grandmother who thinks I can eat nothing, even though I've showed her all 
my books) or (Like my mother) people saying, "Did you do your shot, check 
your blood lately, eating right??" All I hear anymore is "Blah Blah 
Blah"...Geez, why can't people just SHUT UP sometimes? I mean, my Mom smokes, 
I don't walk around telling her EVERY time she picks up a cigarette that, 
"Hey, should you be doing that? Don't you know that's bad for you? You're 
giving everyone else around you black lungs!!!" I think she'd swat me!! 
    Anyhow, sorry to go off on a tangent but to get back to your original 
question... Yes, I have heard of someone who only got the neuropathy in his 
Sorry for the rant....
Take care, 

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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