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Re: [IP] Baby Zilla's pics

Well, I guess I'll add my story in here too....

About a week before I was scheduled to have my c-section (Not only because of 
being diabetic, and having a hyperenlarged baby, but a problem with my pelvic 
bone that my Grandmother passed down to me. Which prevented me from even 
trying to give birth naturally, even if she only weighed 4 lbs!) my doctor 
sat my husband and I down to tell us when he thought we should go ahead and 
"yank" her out, as he put it. Well, he said, "Hold on to your hats! I believe 
from the recent sonogram and measurement that she probably weighs over 9 
lbs." I sat back in my chair to take a deep breath and asked him to repeat 
that. You see, I'm NOT a very big person, I have a rather small body and I 
couldn't figure out how the heck a nine-pounder could fit??!! So, the doctor 
said even though I had 3 more weeks left in my pregnancy, he thought she 
should come out.... SOON! So, we scheduled the c-section and early on April 
11, 1991, Little Alexandra Christine was born.(AKA...the stay puff 
marshmallow baby, for those of you who remember Ghost Busters.) She was HUGE 
and all white and puffy and I swear that's the first thing I thought of when 
I saw her. And NO, by the way, she didn't weigh anywhere near 9 lbs....she 
weighed 10.4 lbs!!! All the nurses in the hospital made jokes about switching 
my baby with a Giant's baby!! There were all kinds of names floating 
around...my family added to the mix also...." Monster Baby" "Godzilla" 
"Amazing Alex" "BOOMER" "Tuffy" "Little Linebacker" , etc., oh yes, I've 
heard them all!! And, now that she's 9, she's up to my eyeballs and already 
wears bigger shoes than I do. She calls me "Shrimp" because she knows I'm 
going to be smaller than her when WE grow up!! :o)~ (She also calls me "Silly 
So, yes, if your baby is BIG, you're going to hear it all too, and baby 
"Zilla" will get a kick out of it when he/she grows up!!!
Take care, all my best, 
dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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