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[IP] recent diabetic - Complications

Yes, but please remember all the people on the list
who have responded with a "no" answer. 12 Years ago,
the first complication was retinopathy, but the
opthmalogist said he didn't want to do laser because
my vision was 20/20. As of last May, the right eye,
the worst, has cleared up completely (Let's hear a
cheer for tight control!), but the left needs to be
checked every three months. No laser yet. 

I have had minor complications like the tremor in my 
right hand, which lasted 6 months then pretty much
went away, but my hand is still a little shake y. It
doesn't hinder my activities. It didn't seem minor at
the time :[ The doctors thought, it was caused by a
minor stroke, but it didn't show on the MRI. They then
concluded it was caused by the diabetes.

As of June of 2000, I have had GI and bladder
problems. I figure it is due to nerve damage from the
diabetes. This disease is hard on the body. 

When I hear and read news reports saying, People can
live a healthy life with diabetes, I object. Diabetes
is plain and simple a progressive disease. It attacks
major organs of the body, causes blindness, and
disables people. A few of us can live a whole life
time without complications, but not all of us. Yes,
the DCCT and other studies have proven tight control
will delay and reduce the risk of complications, but
not eliminate them. In my 20s, one of my favorite
endos, Dr. Wayne Moore, said to me tight control helps
prevent complications and is an absolute must, but
there are people who do very little to control their
diabetes and don't get complications, and then there
are people who keep every A1C below 6% and get kidney
disease. It has always stuck with me because his
statement is the truth.  

Please don't misunderstand me, I strongly believe in
tight control and strive to meet my target blood
glucose ranges everyday. For the past two years, all
of my A1Cs have been under 7% because of the pump
(O.K. I take a little credit for pushing the buttons).

I feel very fortunate these are the only complications
which have developed in my body. I am thankful
everyday and don't take my current state for granted.
I think the advances in diabetes care are incredible.
It seems research is moving faster than ever before to
move us closer to a cure. It is a great day to be

Since, no one has a crystal ball, we all have to live
life to it fullest and develop the strength to handle
complications should they arise. 

Andrea Seitz

>Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 10:11:26 -0600 
>From: America Perez-Garcia 
><email @ redacted>
>Subject: RE: [IP] recent diabetic

>Andrea, Do you have any complications from diabetes 
>after 30 years of

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