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[IP] Re: Back from Disney

Hi Shelly,
    Its great to see how well a trip like that can go with a young pumper!
    We went to Disneyland with Claire (not yet pumping) a few years ago and 
really loved the place.  However....  Sitting still always makes her go high, 
so when the plane landed at LAX and we were faced with about a further 2 hour 
line up for Immigration, I had her and her brothers race up and down the 
terminal for exercise.  They loved this, and did it for about 1/2 hour.  So 
of course on the very long bus shuttle to the hotel, she went low.  
    At Disneyland the line-ups were horrendous for most rides (we went in 
July).  Even though we were on the go all day, Claire's bgs were always 
sky-high by dinnertime, I guess as a result of all that waiting.   So we were 
well acquainted with all the fancy bathrooms they have.  
     We went for 5 days and stayed late every night, we just loved it.  
Sitting on a bench and testing one evening, I noticed a man who kept glancing 
at us.  Turned out he had 2 DM kids.   I'd love to do it again, this time 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, hoping to be pumping soon   
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