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[IP] Regular Insulin in pump use

I was reading the web site about regular insulin. Can regular
Humilin insulin be used in the pump, and not Velosolin? (sp) I have
a financial problem is primarly why I'm asking. I lost my
insurance, and have even ran out of my cobra option now.  I have
pump supplies for maybe another month or two. After that, I'm
clueless as to what I'm going to do.  I'm probably going to have to
go back to injections sadly to say. Anyhow, I'm afraid that I'll
run out of my insulin before I run out of my pump supplies.  I
havn't had very good control lately. I don't know why. The first
two years on the pump were great, but the last year has not been
good. Last thing I havn't tried was switching to regular vs

Since there is no way I can afford to continue using Humalog at
$41.77 per vial (I use about 4 per month), I'm probably going to
have to go to the walmart brand insulin (just regular) for $16.98
(or close enough)  So I wanted to ask you other veteran users can
this be used in the pump?  

 This really stinks.  I had to quit working because we are trying
to adopt a baby, and I have to take her to visitations with the
birth parents.  Since I can't work full time I can't get health
insurance. My husband has basic coverage, but has NO prescription
plan, and pump supplies are not covered at ALL! So if anyone has
any ideas I would appreciate it.  Since I'm on the go all the time
with my little one, I can't keep up with the web site email
updates. So if responding PLEASE email me directly.  

Thank you all so much.


email @ redacted

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