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[IP] square wave and dual wave bolus

Hi everyone,

My daughter, Kara-age 7, has been pumping now for 2 1/2 weeks!!!!  We
love the pump
and have had pretty good numbers so far.  We have the h-tron.
My problem--
 Our family tends to eat mexican food and pasta  fairly often and this
really messes up Kara's
night time numbers!  If we eat dinner at 7 pm by 1 am she is 250-350
EVERY time she eats
a meal like this.(and it won't go down!)  Since the htron does not have
the square or dual bolus
option I was wonderingif someone could please explain the concept to
me.  My CDE never really answers my question re: this--she just says to
try increasing the basal rate by 1/2 for a couple of hours.  This does
not seem to work though.  Also, WHAT time do I increase??  1 hour after
she eats?? or 3 hours??  The pumping insulin book doesn't really give me
the details I need either.
Tonight, I am experimenting--we had baked ziti--I had her do 2/3 of her
bolus at meal time and
the other 1/3 1 hour later...don't know if this will work or not.
I am sure that the highter protein meals are what is causing the
increase at 1 am because I also
experimented with meals that had very little protein and her numbers
were much better!

Thanks in advance!!! I love this list--you have all helped me so much!!
I hope that one
day I can return the favors!!
Cherie   mommy to Kara age 7 1/2   dx 1-98  pumping 2 1/2 weeks
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