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[IP] Periph Neuropathy in Arms and Not Legs...anybody?

Anybody out there ever been diagnosed w/ peripheral
neuropathy in arms only.  I always thought it sort of
started in the lower extremities. Went to a hand
specialist yesterday, thinking had simple carpal
tunnel, and he says ulnar nerves on both sides are
compressed, damaged, plus median nerves, both sides.
He claims periph. neuropathy, hmmmm.  I don't know for
sure as I'm supposed to go to neurologist soon, but am
baffled that it would be in arms only. This doc
recommended by my D. doc, says he's the best in the 
state. I'm totally opposed to any type of surgery and
the hand doc thinks I'm a little squirrely because I'm
opposed to having my wrists and elbows cut on.  Now
have splints, which I hate!!!!!  But, anyway, have any
of you had similar problems w/o lower extrem.
involvement?  Thx in advance.
Jill-T1 25 yrs.

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