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RE:[IP] high bg's and pe

 My history sounds just like your daughters.  Back in the day when I was on
MDI, I started vomiting with painful cramps and ended up in DKA and spent
the night in the Peds ICU.  I didn't take my insulin on top of the vomiting
and that's what did that.  But the feeling of wanting to vomit is not just
from elevated bgs, it's from the cramps themselves.  They are that bad. I
had the cramps before I was diagnosed at the age of 15.
The doctor I saw prescribed Anaprox for me to take at the start of my period
or the day before I start.  Anaprox is now sold over the counter as Aleve.
Also prescribed as Naproxen.  Also caffeine had a major role in how bad they
were each month.  Try laying off it a couple of days before she starts too.
And yes the Dr. is right about having a kid to get rid of it.  After I had
my first at the age of 21 I haven't had cramps like that again. I'm 28.
Which reminds me of how bad they were.  I could actually feel the muscle
tightening.  I remember thinking,"child birth is going to be a snap if I'm
living through this". And it was, three vaginal births and only two
episiotomies. (2 over 9lbs.) Also during childbirth I vomited when the
contractions got harder.

I definitely know what your daughter is experiencing.  Have her read this to
see if I described it for her to you.

Sheila Morris
NC moving to TX in 20 days
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