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Re: [IP] new endo

<<Hi, as you know I am in a fight with our Pediatric Endo. about putting my 3yr 
old daughter on the pump.  Well, we have made the decision to switch to a new 
Ped. Endo, our appointment is Thursday.  Any suggestion on how to approach 
her about the pump?  I don't want to go in there and say "hey I was told by 
Minnimed that you would put us on the pump" 
Mom to Bailey, 3, Dxd at 15mo. old>>

Some of the other parents on the list can probably give you 
more specific advice, but what I did when I went to a new
endo was to go in prepared, having done my homework,
saying "I want to go on the pump, and here's why." I made
it clear that I understood what the pump was, what it could
and could not do, and that I'd been thinking about it for a 
long time and was ready. I threw around words like "basal,"
"bolus," and "infusion set." I made sure the endo knew that
I was already counting carbs and checking my blood sugar
5-8 times a day. 

/Janet L.
Pumping with Castor&Pollux since 11/00
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