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[IP] high bg's and peroids

In response to eve's High bloodsugars and periods. Yes, they do go together. 
I am 27 and while having diabetes for 22 years, I have been having recent 
problems with my periods. My hormone levels are causing my bloodsugars to 
jump tremendously. I have to watch 4-6 days before my period I have to bump 
my basal rates up. Then once my period is over, lower my basal rates back 
down. It is a lot of work to be a female diabetic. Good luck to eve. Be very 
careful though. I've gone 22 years without going into DKA, but recently with 
my hormonal problems I went on my period and then I went into DKA almost 
immediately. I was in Intensive care for 2 weeks. But all was fine after my 
period. For two months I have had to closely watch for changes before my 
periods. Hope this helps.
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