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[IP] Back from DISNEY!

Hi all!  We got back from our trip to Disneyland (CA) last night! First of all
thanks to those that helped me get a hotel, shuttle info, ticket info and
especially info on the Special Assistance Pass for our 5 year old pumper!

I thought I would let you all know how it went and maybe you can pass on some
info to other travellers with pumps and little ones!

First of all I LOVE THE PUMP, we had such a great time and it was all due to
the fact that we could be so flexible with eating!!  Whenever and whatever!!
The fact that you guys in the US have carb counts on virtually EVERYTHING is
so lucky for you!  My son had all kinds of different foods as I would just
bolus for whatever he wanted (within reason of course!) The time difference
was 2 hours ahead where we are from in Canada so we just left the pump on that
and just checked a little more.  His bgs were right on all day, everyday and
that helped the trip as well.  Lots of late nights and early mornings.

The Pass we got was no problem to get, I had a letter from our Endo and they
just took it and gave us the pass no questions asked. We only used it about 5
times in three days and that was in the mornings when we tend to have some
lows appear out of nowhere, and I found the "cast members" very discreet about
helping us onto rides.  We waited in lines all the time but they move quickly.
I appreciated the break and yes, I did have to do a blood check on the It's a
Small World ride! LOL

The pros of the Pump also appeared on the airplane as I could bolus him no
prob at the differnt times we flew.  He set off the alarm at the gate on the
way to our flight home at LAX though and they were so nice and called him
"sweetie" etc and no probs there.  I took 8 infusion sets with us and they
were great, changed it only one extra time as he said it was hurting.

So, all in all a great experience made even better by the support of my great
IP group and our Minimed Pump!!

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