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[IP] Having a horrible sick day

Hi All
I am having a horrible sick day. Drs thinks it's either a kidney or 
pelvic infection. I had the miscarriage two weeks ago and I think 
that's what started it. Got a shot of antibiotic yesterday and also a 
shot of demoral. But I am having the hardest time getting my bs 
even under 300 today. I have been using a scale that's 1 unit for 15 
points to 250 and then 1 unit to 10 points. Plus we kicked up the 
basal all afternoon today from my normal .1/.2 switch on the half 
hour to .4. This is a lot of insulin. It's only 2:30 here and I have 
taken over 58 units in coverage. The high blood sugars are making 
me sick to my stomach so I haven't eaten all day. Check the 
ketones and of course there there...80mg!! I have talked with the 
drs office a couple of times and have to call my numbers in again 
later. Just wish the antibiotics would kick in!!! 

It was probably not a good day to do it but I have had my fight with 
Merck medco for the month. I have Precision and an Accucheck 
machine. I have Rx for both kinds of strips but after 2 refills with no 
problems, now they can't understand why I need two kinds of 
strips. Or why they are written so I can test about 9 times a day. I 
finally got a supervisor on the phone and said if they are having 
such problems in comprehension of my need for testing then to 
please call the doctor. She told me that I should not be testing so 
often, especially since she sees that I have an insulin pump. I 
asked her what medical degree she had? Basically the phone call 
went down hill from there...Like a said it was a bad day to pick a 

Just needed to vent a little
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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