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[IP] high bg's and peroids

Eve recently had her period and the first days if it she will feel sick (I
think she might be having painful periods, or maybe cramps, she really doesn
t want to talk about how she is sick), so sick she cant go to school for
several hours or will be so sick that she will vomit. Im wondering if high
blood sugars could be responsible for this or not. Eve started her periods
about a year and a half ago and after a few months they have been making her
feel sick.

One thing that you should know is that her 19-year-old sister (non-D) also
has painful periods and she would become sick also. She (Eves sister) went
to the doctors and a doctor gave her a rx for some pain meds to take and if
this didnt help would give her a rx for birth control pills and said that
getting pregnant might be the only way to stop the pain (this last one in
not an option for her with almost a year of college done and 4 more to go).
Is this endometriosis?

Back to Eve, I guess I have noticed that before her periods start each month
that her bg will run a bit high and stay high.

Is the stress of feel sick causing her to have high blood sugars OR are the
high blood sugars from her period making her feel sick, or what? We check
for ketones but never have had any.

Is this a case were I should just take her to a doctor. What kind of doctor?
I hate to see her sick with period stuff on top of diabetes. Anything I can
try at home at first that would help. We have used over the counter pain

Deborah mom to Eve 13.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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