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Re: [IP] bolusing/syringe into sil

> I know this was discussed awhile back but Ive forgotten what the
> answer was.
> When you want to bolus with a syringe into a sil, can you bolus at
> the infusion site, though the white bottom.
> We would only do this if her pump died and needed to give her shots.

Yes, but you must be careful to insert the needle straight and not 
too deep. Try it on set that has been removed for practice. What 
happens if you are not careful is that the needle goes in nicely (too 
far of course) and pierces the tube where it come out of the button 
and goes into the skin, thus ruining the set -- guess how I found out 

When using this method, don't push the insulin in too fast. Manually 
delivery is much much faster than pump delivery and can cause 
stinging or and ache if you deliver the insulin too quickly.

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