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Re: [IP] Praise for parents of diabetics :o)~ Kinda long...sorry

Shannon hit the nail right on the head with that one!!! I can certainly 
attest to that. Getting diabetes when I was 11 years old wasn't too difficult 
for me (At that time, I thought I was,"cool," because I was the ONLY diabetic 
in my school and I got special permission to leave my class at any time to 
use the restroom, get a drink of water, eat a snack,etc. At that time, I made 
it easy for my Mom to deal with me having this awful disease. Then, when I 
was in my late teens, I decided I didn't want to be diabetic any longer. I 
stopped checking my blood sugars, skipped doing shots, didn't eat right, etc. 
 My Mom started going crazy trying to get me to do the right thing. She 
didn't harp on me but she did ask me all the time if I've checked my blood or 
did my shot. I'd lie to her just to get her to leave me alone. Then one day, 
I landed in the hospital in diabetic coma. That REALLY freaked my Mom out and 
when I got out of the hospital, she told me that from then on, if I didn't 
take care of myself, she wasn't going to worry because she couldn't. She said 
she'd be in the nut house if she kept worrying. Also, that was when my doctor 
FIRED me for noncompliance. I felt like I was so alone. But that's when I met 
the man who I'd eventually marry. When things got serious between us, my Mom, 
without my knowledge, sat him down and told him everything. He then came to 
me and said that IF I didn't start taking care of myself, he couldn't stay 
with me because as he said, "I'm not going to sit here and watch you kill 
yourself!!!"  That made me turn around and get back on track....then I got 
pregnant and thank God I had been back on track....my doctor said that women 
who constantly have high blood sugar while pregnant, tend to have children 
with learning disabilities. Well, let me tell you... My daughter is a very 
highly gifted student...she's at the top of her class and planning to go to 
Harvard to become a college professor....AND she's only 9!! So, getting back 
to the original subject.. My Mom is awesome, I know at times I didn't think 
so, but now that I have a child and I'm all grown up, I think...well, that's 
questionable I guess, but I'm 31 and I think my Mom is GREAT!! She put up 
with a lot, lived through it, and now is my best friend!!
So cheers to all the parents, you really deserve a LOT of credit!!!

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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