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[IP] Update on the Baby-Zilla

I went back for another ultrasound today because the ob said the baby looked large
by my tummy measurements and wanted a closer look. I've started calling the baby
Monster Baby and Baby-Zilla.  (My mom thinks I'm awful for doing this which only
encourages me to say I'll legally name him Zilla).  Well, he said the baby looked to
be in normal range.  I'm 28 wks and three days pregnant and he said the baby looked
maybe 4 1/2 pounds by the measurements.  That sounds awfully big to me!
Anyway, they keep saying I'm doing fine.  Blood pressure, glucose levels, weight,
pulse, baby's heart rate all look good.  But now they want me to come check in every
week instead of every two weeks.  Lord...
I'm taking a 5wk lamaze class too, and that's been fun.  We saw a video last night
about childbirth with all sorts of diagrams about how the baby fits into the pelvis
and things like that.  Maybe I'm a wimp, but a c-section isn't sound so bad
anymore... haha
Still no complete decision about what to do about the endo situation.  I will not be
going back to the old doc.  I have found a few endos in  my insurance network that
are only about 60 miles or so away, and my mother is trying to see if her endo, the
colleague of the old endo, will see me.  But all my fructosamines have been good and
I'm doing a good job of testing, so I think everything will be okay.
Too bad I don't have a scanner.  I'd send you all a picture of Baby-Zilla's

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Just how many pounds of baby can a bladder withstand, anyway??
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