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[IP] White blood cell count

I just got back from family dr (yesterday) and I have been worrying about a 
blood test he redid on me.

The last white blood cell count they did was 14.9 ( I was told that 10.(?) 
was high end normal).  The one before that a couple of months ago was 11.  My 
dr thinks it might be because I had been on some steroids in the past ( I'm 
hoping).  Dummy me asked that dr what the worst case scenario was and he told 
me "bone marrow problems".  He also told me that he didn't know enough about 
it to diagnose me but I am worried.  I was wondering if anyone else has ever 
had this problem.  Don't worry about scaring me, I don't think I could be 
anymore scared than I am right now.

Michelle and Booper
Pumping since 12/1/00 and very, very worried
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